Tis The Season! It's Guava Season.

Guava Season Mascot

Introducing my current project in rich detail!

If you've read my first blog post, you'll remember I mentioned in a nutshell,

"Guava Season - is a Trini term, meaning hard times."

For many of us, that is the perfect description of the year 2020.

Experiences of loss of life, health, businesses, jobs, finances and daily freedoms have been dispersed among us all over the globe, by the heavy hand of Covid 19.

But during all of this, we must figure out how to live and forge the path for tomorrow. How to survive, how to create joy or merely okay-ness in the absence of balance. My personal mini solution is crafting a sense of perseverance out of the term we locally associate with difficulty.

And now I'm sharing it with the world! As an artist, I will do what I can to interpret, express and connect, because that's what we do and it's how we strive to paint the pictures of human realities and of dreams.

Guava Season can be anything you want it to be, while being tough.

For you it can mean whatever keeps you going, centered or motivated.

Whatever the tough may be, wherever you are in the world -

Let's represent survival with our best!

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