Catalytic Cornerstones! It's Launch Time!

The most personally positive highlight of the year 2020, is this very moment.

Call it, my artistic "Hello, World!" (Haha! An ode to the digital age.)

A long awaited goal, a hesitated idea, a moment yearned & finally earned.

My name is Comaine, and in the art world, I go by Kittenishdot.

I've chosen today to be the official launch of my own website, along with my online store and opening of commissions & projects.

Why now, in this global guava season?

A Trini term meaning "Hard Times."

A question that mulls around in many minds about tons of things in life, but this year has been one that hosts of people can identify with, as a catalyst of change.

My shift has been taking back the reins of my art, to begin a rediscovery of that place of navigation and desire, that was lost in motions of the search for artistic self confidence.

Choosing this venture in 2020 is a lot to articulate, but the best way to fit such a mammoth sentiment into a blog post, is my mission statement: Connecting The Dots of People + Art + Design.

What does this really mean?

The heart of meaning in art + design is rooted in people.

The biggest continuous wonder I've had is the secret to forming culture, tradition and 'the why behind what we embrace.'

Exploring that is my true drive, along with the context of being a human, Afro-Caribbean woman, journeying through the world.

We're all on journeys! This is why the subject of paths remains ever relevant in storytelling and art.

The time for anxiously and aimlessly wading through art scenes is over.

It's time to stay my course! Connecting with myself is never far from connecting with others, for when the big picture is drawn up, it truly makes a complete story.

Let's see how our journeys connect.

Welcome to!

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