A Crafted Christmas

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

As we approach the final month of 2020, for better or for worse, the Season of Christmas may be on many minds - of those who always treasure the celebration and even those who normally may not have.

For Trinidad & Tobago, the countrywide objective remains staying safe, with borders remaining closed (movement by exemptions only) and holiday gatherings highly discouraged.

Understandably, we have all had practice handling these measures during the other holidays that have passed. Adapting to find joy is the best learned option, challenging as it may be.

What would a Guava Season Christmas be like?

Amidst the known struggles of the current time, like everything else, it's got to be an intentional act. The Kittenish way of saying it, is to "Craft your own Custom Christmas."

And I mean literally! One of the positives of a distorted norm or a period of change, is the perception of a new lease on the feeling of freedom, to try something different or new.

If you've ever wanted to scale down, now is a great time to go for it. If smaller celebrations were never intended, it may be a good moment to focus on the most meaningful parts of the season in the safest ways possible.

Joy that came from many things can be channeled into a special few.

The food selections at the table, the range of drinks and even the gifts.

Pour extra meaning into wholesome choices and share in the abundance of things that don't cost a dime. Appreciation, love, and the smiles for all we have that we can still be thankful for.

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